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A list of more FAQ are listed below.  Please contact us if you do not find an answer below to your question.

Window Coverings

I ordered a 36” x 72” roll-up shade. The package says the actual size of the product is 36” x 72”. Why was there no deduction in the width of the shade to allow for the hardware if mounted inside?

There are no deductions in the width of a roll-up shade because roll-up shades install with simple hook hardware on the top of the head rail only. The width size on the package (or the size ordered) is the actual width of the product.

The size on the package of my Roman window shade is 23” x 72”, so why is the actual size 22.5” x 72”?

A Roman shade comes complete with hardware that will add ¼” to each side of the width of the shade if mounted inside the window frame. With the hardware added, the total width of the actual product will be 23” x 72”.

What is the difference in a roll-up shade and a Roman shade?

A roll-up shade lifts by rolling up, whereas a Roman shade lifts by folding up.

What is the difference between an inside mount and outside mount?

The inside mount is the measurement of the width of the inside of the window frame.

The outside mount is the measurement of the width of the outside of the window frame from edge to edge.

How do I measure my windows for window shades?

When making a decision on a window treatment style, the first thing to do is to decide if you want to mount the window blinds on the inside of the window frame or the outside. Sometimes this decision weighs heavily on the size of the windows, so you’ll need to measure the width and the height of each.

Here are some tips to make measuring easy:

  1. Use a steel measuring tape. Steel measuring tapes are more concise than paper or plastic ones. You will also be able to get a more accurate measurement.
  2. Measure to the nearest 1/8″ increment. It is very important that your measurements are exact, especially if you are ordering custom shades. This is because many window treatment companies don’t offer refunds for custom cuts. If you decide to go with a stock size window blind, meaning you purchase it pre-cut, you still want to get as close to the size indicated on the box as possible.


My floating shelf is slanting down. Did I do something wrong installing it?

Floating shelves are supported with a hidden bracket that should be mounted on the wall with the arrow pointing up.  It is also important to install one end of the shelf into a wall stud and use all the set and support screws to secure the bracket and the shelf to the wall.  If you do all of the above then your shelf should not be slanting down.

Click here to watch a short 1-minute video on how to install a floating shelf.


How do I install the Natural Reed Fence?

The Natural Reed fence needs to be secured to a fence post or over an existing fence.  It will not stand up by itself.  We suggest using cable ties (sold separately) from your local hardware store.

Door Locks

How do I program my new Honeywell Electronic Lock?

Please call our customer service dept. at 1-(877)-354-5457 and ask for “The Lock Expert” to assist you in programming your new Honeywell Electronic Lock.  Office hours are open Mon.-Fri., 7:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. PST.


Does Honeywellsafes.com have a FAQ page also?

Please call our customer service dept. at 1-(877)-354-5457 and ask for “The Lock Expert” to assist you in programming your new Honeywell Electronic Lock.  Office hours are open Mon.-Fri., 7:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. PST.

What does the UL 1-hour fire rating mean?

The UL 1-hour fire rating means that the inside of your safe will maintain an interior temperature of 350° or less for up 1 hour while outside temperature can reach 1700°. At this temperature, documents and valuables will remain protected. A safe with a 2-hour fire rating will maintain an interior temperature for up two hours.

What does the UL Listing mean?

When deemed necessary, certain LH Licensed Products, Inc. products are submitted for independent testing to establish performance standards for that product. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is one of the independent testing facilities used to evaluate and test our products.

What does the message HoldO5 mean?

Almost all LH Licensed Products, Inc. digital safes have built in security to prevent unauthorized access to the safe when the password is unknown. If the incorrect password is entered onto the keypad 3 or more times, the safe will automatically revert to the security lockout mode. This will prevent the continued entry of all passwords for at least 5 minutes. When the lockout period ends continued attempts to enter a wrong password will put the safe back into a lockout mode. During this time access to the safe can only be made using the emergency override key.

How do I get a warranty replacement for my safe?

If your safe is still covered under the LH Licensed Products, Inc. warranty, then repair or replacement will be made at our discretion. You should contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service and they will instruct you on the proper procedures to follow.

Can I order a new safe direct from LH Licensed Products, Inc.?

LH Licensed Products, Inc. does not sell safes direct to individual customers. All sales are made through our authorized retail or E-commerce dealers. If further information is needed, contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.

How long is my safe fireproof?

This depends on the type and model number of the safe you are inquiring about. Your operating manual will provide you with this information and you can also contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service. Please be prepared to give the representative the model number of your safe.

What kind of warranty does my safe have?

Your new safe includes a 1, 3 or 5-year warranty from date of purchase. Specifics are listed on the back page of the operating manual and can be found on web page for the Model #.

My safe was broken into and damaged. Is this type of damage covered under the warranty?

The LH Licensed Products, Inc. warranty does not cover damage caused by forceful entry into the safe.

I opened my new safe and there were no keys. Who can I call?

Contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service at 1-877-354-5457. You will need to provide serial number and/or key number for the safe and for security information, additional information may be requested.

My safe came locked. How do I open it?

Depending on the type safe, it can be opened as follows:

1. Digital safes with an override key can be opened using the key. See operating manual for location of key lock.
2. Combination safes need to have the proper combination entered and then opened using the companion key or latch/handle.

I can't get the safe open when I enter the combination provided with the safe?

Make sure you follow the instructions for entering the combination numbers exactly as outlined in the operation manual. If problems continue, contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service for assistance.

When I enter my pass code into the digital keypad, it will not open my safe?

1. Make sure you are imputing the proper digital pass code

2. Check to make sure the batteries are in proper working order. Replace if necessary.
3. Make sure your safe is not in the factory lockout mode. Wait a few minutes and try your pass code again.
4. If unsuccessful, contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.

I can't get my key to turn when inserted into lock.

Make sure that the number on the key matches the number on the lock. If the lock does not have a number imprinted then you can check using the serial number. The second set of (4) numbers in the serial number is the key number (Example: XXXX 0015 XXXX XXXX). This number should match the key. If it does not or the key continues giving you problems, contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.

I just received my safe and it appears to be damaged. What should I do?

Contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service and advise the representative what the problem is. If the problem cannot be corrected then you will be provided with information regarding repair or replacement of the safe.

If my safe won't open due to a malfunction, will LH Licensed Products, Inc. pay to have a professional locksmith open it?

This depends on the nature of the problem and must be discussed with LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service first. All reasonable claims will be quickly resolved.

Can my safe be permanently secured to a floor or wall?

Depending on the safe, the answer is yes. All LH Licensed Products, Inc. Steel Security Safes and certain Fire safes include factory pre-drilled mounting holes. Included with these safes is also the necessary hardware needed to secure in place. However, depending on the type installation required, additional hardware and/or the help of a professional installer may be required. You should refer to the operation manual provided with the safe and if you have additional questions, you should contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.

I did not receive the mounting kit with my safe.

Contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service at 1-877-354-5457.

What type of batteries does my safe require?

This depends on the model number of your safe. Generally, most safes require (4) AA alkaline batteries. However, if unsure, then you should refer to your operation manual or contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service.

How often should I change the batteries in my safe?

Batteries should be replaced with a fresh set at least once a year. However, if access to the safe is made on a regular basis then replacement should be made more often. Always replace with alkaline or lithium batteries.

Where will I find the key number?

The key number is normally located on both the key and front side of the lock.

Where is the serial number located on the safe?

The serial number is located on the bottom right hand front corner of the safe or on the right side of the safe. Some smaller safes do not have serial numbers, only key numbers located on the front of the lock.

I forgot my safe combination. What do I do?

1. If you have access to the operating manual that came with the safe, the combination will be listed inside.

2. If you cannot find the combination then you can open the following link to find complete instructions for retrieving your combination.

How can I get keys for my safe? 

Please go to lhlpkeys.com
All the instructions are listed along with a form that needs to be downloaded and notarized.  Next, we require you to fill out a proof of ownership form (or provide proof of the purchase receipt) and a method of payment.  If you are filling out the proof of ownership form, please know it must be notarized requires your Driver’s License information.   The collection of this information is solely for your own safety to prevent others who may not own the safe from trying to unlock it.

Can I order replacement parts for my safe?

Depending on the safe, certain parts are replaceable and can be ordered. Contact LH Licensed Products, Inc. customer service and be prepared to provide the model number of your safe and a description of the part needed. You will then be told if the part is covered by warranty and if not, what the availability and replacement cost is.

What is the best and safest way to clean my safe?

If you need to wipe down your safe, use a non abrasive cleaner like Windex and a soft rag or paper towel. Never use abrasive cleaners, abrasive sponges or chemical cleaners as they could permanently damage the surface and/or face plate of the safe.

I noticed moisture in my fire safe. Is this normal?

Because most fire safes are air tight, moisture can slowly develop on the inside. This is especially true in regions of high humidity. For this reason, it is recommended that safes be opened at least once or twice a month to allow air to circulate and to also examine the contents. It is also recommended that 1 or 2 silica gel packs or a small dehumidifier be placed in the safe to help keep moisture buildup to a minimum. Another good idea is to place important documents (passports, certificates, deeds, etc.) into a zip lock type bag prior to placing in the safe.