How to Decorate Shelves

Need decorating help on on how to arrange objects on shelving?  Interior Decorator Quinn Cooper shows us in this short video how to decorate shelves by first leaning your art against the wall.  

Next take your large items and position them around the art.

Last, but definitely not least, place your small decorations in front or beside the art or the larger items to create little vignettes. The smaller objects help balance out the larger ones and by layering all of these items together you are creating depth.

When arranging your shelves keep these four tips in mind:

1. Place items in different locations on the shelves, you never know where they are going to look best.
2. Make sure you do not put too many objects on the shelves because it can look cluttered or messy.
3. When placing items into vignettes, group in odd numbers (not always, but most of the time)
4. Don’t be scared to think outside the box, the quirkier the better!